We offer alternative dispute resolution and are specialists in this area.
Alternative dispute resolution comprises:
1. Family law mediation
2. Family law arbitration; and
3. Collaborative law.

These are all alternative ways of resolving disputes to avoid going to court and having lengthy and expensive legal proceedings.  Although alternative dispute resolution is a fantastic way of avoiding court proceedings and can assist family members in maintaining good relationships, all forms of alternative dispute resolution require a court order.  Only a court order will ensure that any agreement reached or decision made is binding.  Where an agreement is reached in mediation or collaborative law or an award made in arbitration your solicitor  can prepare a court order without the need for you to attend court.  This can only be done where there is an agreement on what the order should say.  Alternative dispute resolution will help you to reach that agreement.
You will find more detailed information about each form of alternative dispute resolution under Services on our website.

Nadia Beckett is a qualified mediator and a member of Resolution.  Nadia is also a member of IFLA – the Institute of Family Law Arbitrators  and the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators
Kirsty Reeves is a qualified collaborative lawyer trained by Resolution .