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Cohabitation and living together – the law treats unmarried couples very differently to those who are married. Contrary to popular belief if you are living together you are not common law husband and wife.  The law does not recognise cohabitation.  Click on the link below to hear what happened to one of Nadia’s clients.


Nadia Beckett
Changing the locks. Could this happen to you?
So if you are cohabiting and considering separating contact us as we can advise you on the best way to protect your financial and property interests and your relationship with your children. Even if you are happily cohabiting you should consider a cohabitation agreement to avoid possible problems in the future.  Click on the link below to hear Nadia talk about living together agreements.


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Why do I need a living together agreement? Nadia explains here.
Unmarried fathers do not necessarily have the same legal rights as married fathers and it is important that you understand your legal position at the outset.  If you are named on the child’s birth certificate you may have parental responsibility for your child but this does depend on when the child was born.  Call us for advice.
Property law for unmarried, cohabiting couples can be a very complicated area of law and your financial position may not be what it seems.  You may not be named on any financial documents even though you have contributed to the family finances.  Is this you and are you now worrying about where you will live and what you will do for money after separation?  We have considerable experience in this area and 20 years experience advising people just like you.
Even if you have not worked during the relationship you may have financial and property claims against your former partner if you have dependant children (even if you are not named on the title deeds of the family home).  Did you get engaged after cohabiting with your former partner and are now separating.   If you were engaged but didn’t get married there are financial and property claims that may be available to you under the Married Women’s Property Act.
Call us today to arrange an appointment.  We offer clear, non-nonsense, expert advice for cohabiting couples and can help you with cohabiting agreements and resolving disputes if the relationship breaks down.
Nadia and Kirsty follow the Resolution code of conduct in all family disputes.