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Divorce law is complicated.  If you are getting divorced or dissolving your civil partnership then we offer clear, confident advice from the outset. We aim to make the legal process as stress free as possible and to get you the best result possible. If you want to do it yourself then we can help by offering you as much or as little assistance as you need at a price to fit your pocket.

It is important to understand that the divorce proceedings are only part of the story.  Divorce is a two stage process. The first stage is the divorce proceedings which end the marriage .  This includes the divorce petition and ultimately leads to the Decree Absolute which brings the marriage to an end.  Divorce proceedings typically take around 5-6 months to be concluded and cost in the region of £1500 including court fees and VAT.

The  second stage of the process is the financial remedy proceedings which sort out the finances. It is important that you consider both stages as they are both important parts of the process. Although it is possible for you get divorced without worrying about the financial remedy proceedings you cannot have financial remedy proceedings without the divorce as the one depends on the other. Even if you reach a financial agreement you should speak to us about how to turn that agreement into a court order.
We don’t give our client’s badges, vouchers or other gimmicks.  We do give good advice.  And here is a bit of good advice for you to remember – married people have financial claims against each other which do NOT end on divorce – so make an appointment for more good advice from one of our divorce specialists.

We have 20 years experience advising and representing clients in divorce proceedings.  Read our clients’ reviews to see how well we have represented people just like you.

Nadia and Kirsty follow the Resolution code of conduct in all family disputes.