Family Law Advice – The do’s and don’ts of matrimonial litigation


  1. Do remember that although you may no longer be together,
    you will always both be the children’s parents. Put the
    children first.
  2. Do keep the door opened to dialogue.
  3. Do substitute politeness, if love has gone.
  4. Do be aware of the positive benefits of counselling and/
    or mediation in helping you cope with your changing
    relationship with your partner.
  5. Do be ready to compromise – an agreement between you is
    more likely to work than an Order imposed by the Court.
  6. Do be patient – Matrimonial Proceedings can take many
    months to be concluded and we shall not compromise
    your interest for the sake of speed.


  1. Do not tolerate threats or violence – ask us how the law
    can help to protect you.
  2. Do not sign or agree to anything without speaking to us
  3. Do not let your partner undermine your confidence in us.
  4. Do not expect the best of your partner, or of yourself –
    aspire to reasonableness
  5. Do not leave your confidential documents where they can
    be found by your partner.
  6. Do not panic!

Divorce and separation can be difficult. It helps to be prepared so please
bear these points in mind.

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