Married, Civil Partnership or living together, if you have children they are what you value most. After separation parents often fall out over their children and we can help you to get things back on the right track.... (Read More)

Living Together

The law treats unmarried cohabiting couples very differently to those who are married. If you are considering separation we can advise you on the best way to protect your financial and property interests. This can be a very... (Read More)


Family law is complicated. If you are getting divorced or dissolving your civil partnership then we offer clear, confident advice from the outset. We aim to make the legal process as stress free as possible and to get the best result possible... (Read More)


Divorce, Civil Partnerships and Separating Couples Problem Neighbours e.g. nuisance, party wall act problems, trespass, easement and boundary disputes as well as garden law and tenancies. Disputes over a will on Death. We will get the right outcome for you. (Read More)

Family Law Arbitration

Arbitration is a way of resolving disputes out side of court. It enables parties to resolve all types of financial disputes more quickly, cheaply and in a more flexible and less formal setting than a court room. Couples agree to use an arbitrator who makes a decision that is legally binding. (Read More)

Family Mediation

Mediation helps you to reach a solution to your problem that you are happy with. The Mediator is neutral and mediation is voluntary and confidential. If you can't reach an agreement, you can still go to court. The cost of mediation is shared equally... (Read More)