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Beckett Solicitors is a specialist family law firm specialising in Divorce and Children Issues, mediation and family law arbitration.  We know that the breakdown of your marriage, civil partnership or long term relationship is one of the most unhappy events you will ever have to face.  At Beckett Solicitors we know that how you deal with that breakdown is crucial to your future happiness and we aim to make your divorce or the breakdown of your relationship as stress-free as possible. Our role is to protect what is most important to you: your children, your property, your standard of living and your relationships with other family members.  With that in mind we offer a variety of services and flexible pricing to meet your individual needs. We are specialist family law solicitors offering legal services, mediation and arbitration to all of our clients.
Solicitors are too expensive?   Can’t afford to hire a solicitor?  Perhaps the truth is you can’t afford not to.  Click on the link below to hear Nadia talk about what happened to one of her clients.


Nadia Beckett  Changing the locks. Could this happen to you?
Contact us to discuss Fixed Fees and our Pay As You Go  (DIY) Service.  If you can’t afford  a solicitor and plan to do it yourself our solicitors can help you to fill out court forms, draft letters and give you advice and assistance throughout.   You act for yourself and we are on hand to help when ever you need us.  No large, unexpected bills, no delays and complete control over the process.  All help is given face to face with one of our solicitors and paid for at the end of the meeting.   Fixed fees are also available for arbitration and mediation.  Make an appointment to discuss this option as it may be just what you need.
Mediation is an alternative to using a solicitor.  Mediation may be just what you need if you don’t want to use a solicitor.  Click on the link below to hear Nadia talk about the benefits of Mediation.


Nadia Beckett  Why should I use mediation? Nadia explains here.
Living Together? You should consider a living together agreement or pre-nuptial agreement.  We can help you with this.  We can also help you if the relationship has come to an end and you can’t agree on where your children will live or what happens to the house.  Click on the link below to hear Nadia explain the benefits of a living together agreement.


Nadia Beckett   Why do I need a living together agreement? Nadia explains here.
What is Arbitration?  Just like mediation, arbitration is an alternative to going to court.  You can use arbitration even if you are not represented by a solicitor.  It also works really well  together with mediation.  Arbitrators are also available to assist you with an early neutral evaluation (ENE) of your case.  This is particularly helpful for unrepresented couples and can be used in children and money disputes.  Instead of a binding decision you can use one arbitrator to give you guidance on how to resolve your dispute.    The information that you provide the arbitrator is confidential and without prejudice which means it cannot be used against you in court at a later date.  The arbitrator’s guidance or ENE  is also confidential and without prejudice.  It is not binding and its purpose is to help you try and avoid court by having an indication of what type of order the court would be likely to make in your case.  If you accept the arbitrator’s guidance the arbitrator can then go on to make an award which will be binding and can be turned into a court order.   However you are not bound to accept the arbitrator’s guidance.  An early neutral evaluation can be used in all kinds of cases and in conjunction with court proceedings and mediation.  We offer fixed fees for this service with the costs usually shared and no hidden surprises.


.Nadia Beckett  Why should I use Arbitration? Nadia Beckett explains here.

How much does it all cost?   That’s a very difficult question to answer without meeting you and discussing your case with you first.  However we can promise that our costs are transparent and there are no hidden charges.  We offer an initial fixed fee consultation of up to one hour to discuss your case, the costs involved and what to do next.  You will receive clear, no nonsense advice at this meeting and we will tell you immediately if you do not have a case or if it is worth taking things further.  We only employ qualified solicitors and legal executives and all work is carried out by a partner which is why we get such good results. Call us to make an appointment.

At Beckett Solicitors we offer a friendly, personal and cost-efficient legal service delivered in a timely manner.  We promise to involve you in your case and communicate with you regularly.   We want you to feel comfortable talking to us and confident that we care about your problem and understand the issues involved.  Although we cannot guarantee the result we do guarantee our service.  If we do not perform to your satisfaction, inform us promptly and we will resolve the issue to your satisfaction, even if it means reducing your bill. Call us today to get more information about our family law, mediation and arbitration services in London, Croydon, and Kent.   We have recently opened an office in Canterbury.  Our solicitors are here to help.  We don’t use unqualified people and our reviews speak for themselves.

Nadia and Kirsty are members of Resolution (formerly called the Solicitors Family Law Association) and  follow the Resolution code of conduct in all family disputes. Nadia is also a member of the Institute of Family Law Arbitrators  and the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators  Nadia currently chairs the FFA (Forum of Family Law Arbitrators) and is a member of the IFLA Advisory Committee.
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