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Family protection orders

At Beckett Solicitors, we can help you put family protection orders and injunctions in place to help protect you and your children from harm. Contact one of our offices in Rainham, Sittingbourne, Canterbury, Maidstone, Ashford or Croydon.

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Blue Decorative Circle - Protecting yourself with an injunction
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Family Protection - Protecting Yourself

Family protection orders are available if you, your children or any other member of your family needs protection from harm. If you are suffering emotional, psychological or physical harm or you are at risk of harm - contact us immediately for help. The court has the power to make orders restricting a person’s movements and actions as well as deciding who can live in the family home. Family protection orders also come with a power of arrest which allows the police to take action immediately if the order is breached.


Don’t put up with domestic violence or abuse. It helps to recognise the signs. Although every situation is different, there are common factors in all abusive relationships. This list can help you to recognise if you, or someone you know, is in an abusive relationship.

Spotting the signs of abuse

The Domestic Abuse Act 2021 states that behaviour is abusive if it consists of any of the following

Physical or sexual abuse

Violent or threatening behaviour

Controlling or coercive behaviour

Economic abuse

Psychological, emotional or other abuse

This can be a single incident or a course of conduct.

Purple Decorative Circle Outline - Disrespect


Orange Decorative Circular Outline - Disrespect

Putting you down in front of other people, taking money from you without asking, refusing to help with childcare or housework

Solid Purple Decorative Circle - Disrespect

Isolation and control

Orange Decorative Circular Outline - Isolation and control

Monitoring your phone calls, telling you where you can go, preventing you from seeing friends and relatives, telling you what to wear, withholding information from you, being jealous.

Solid Purple Decorative Circle - Isolation and control

Sexual violence

Blue Decorative Circle - Sexual violence
Orange Decorative Circular Outline - Sexual violence

Constant pressure and harassment into having sex when you don’t want to, forcing you to have sex with other people, any degrading treatment related to your sexuality.

Criticism, humiliation and verbal abuse

Blue Decorative Circle - Criticism and verbal abuse

Shouting, mocking, name calling, verbal threatening.

Orange Decorative Circular Outline - Criticism and verbal abuse

Bullying and controlling

Solid Purple Decorative Circle - Bullying

Sulking, withholding money, disconnecting the phone, taking away or destroying your mobile, taking the car away, taking the children away, threatening to report you to the police or social services, lying to your friends and family about you, telling you that you have no choice in any decisions.

Blue Decorative Circle - Bullying


Blue Decorative Circle - Harassment
Solid Purple Decorative Circle - Harassment

Following you, checking up on you, not allowing you any privacy (for example, opening your mail or going through your mobile).

Solid Purple Decorative Circle - Threats

Threats and intimidation

Orange Decorative Circular Outline - Threats

Using physical size and power to threaten,  intimidate or frighten you, breaking things, punching walls, threatening to kill or harm you and the children, threatening to kill or harm family pets, threats of suicide.

Blue Decorative Circle - Physical violence

Physical violence

Punching, slapping, hitting, biting, pinching, kicking, hair pulling, shoving, burning, pinning you down, holding you by the neck, restraining you.

Purple Decorative Circle Outline - Physical violence


Blue Decorative Circle - Denial
Solid Purple Decorative Circle - Denial

Denying the abuse, saying you wind him/her up, crying and begging for forgiveness, saying it will never happen again.

Orange Decorative Circular Outline - Denial
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Don’t put up with domestic violence or abuse. Speak to Beckett Solicitors. Find out about putting a family protection order in place

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